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Question where does Gold come from Answer it comes from Exploding Stars

March 12, 2014

Most people think that the answer would be that gold comes from mines or is found as nuggets in alluvial deposits in river beds after initially being exposed by erosion and of course this is true, but how did the gold get there in the first place . The gold that is found in the Earths Crust is as a result of meteor impacts from space . As of the year 2012 over 174,000 tonnes or 5.6 billions troy ounces have been recovered over the last 2,500 years from the Earths Mantle all of which got there as a result of Meteor impacts. One such impact was 2020 million years ago at Verdefort Crater South Africa which has produced 50% of all gold ever mined . There is also a large quantity of unreachable gold at Earths molten core it sank there as the planet was forming due to its great density . So why is there all these gold particles floating around in space attaching themselves to meteorites due to effect of gravity ? This is because these gold particles were first formed as an atomic element along with nine other heavy elements transformed from the iron core of a collapsing and then exploding supernova star, or as result of a collision of a neutron stars .  written by Clive Gilbert and learnt from physicist Stephen Hawkings

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