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People who are clumsy ,careless or lazy should not have Automatic Watches

January 24, 2015

Watches are categorized as to whether they are  Quartz or Mechanical the mechanical watches are further divided into manual wound and self winding or better know as AUTOMATIC these watch are quite bulky because they contain additional parts to a manual wind watch namely a ROTOR which is a semi circular weight that sits on top of the mechanism . Each time your wrist is moved it causes the Rotor to turn and this is connected to the watches mainspring and gives it a slight wind  .  Therefore if you a very inactive the Rotor will not get sufficient movement to keep the watch going . The Rotor is attached to the mechanism by an extremely thin linkage that is likely to break should the watch surfer impact damage therefore careless and clumsy  people should avoid owning Automatic Watches for them a much better choice would be quartz watches which have far fewer parts and are therefore drop resistant  . Should you want to know if your automatic watch has a broken Auto Rotor or not .If you hold the watch and move your arm as if you were holding a yo yo instead  If the rotor is OK  you will be able to feel and hear the Rotor rotate in side the watch case if you have broken the auto rotor pin it will not spin and you can probably feel and hear the Auto Rotor loose inside the case and now you are in for an expensive repair  You have been Warned !

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