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Why we charge more to change a watch battery on a CHRONOGRAPH

January 24, 2015

I find that a lot of my customers have bought themselves CHRONOGRAPHS quartz watches without any knowledge of what the extra three dials do ! They want it because it looks flash with a complicated watch dial what they do not realize is that the three extra dials involve considerable extra working parts and circuitry inside . This extra circuitry uses the energy from the battery that much quicker than a normal basic quartz watch also the three extra dials need to be re-zeroed if the watch is to preform its secondary purpose of being a STOPWATCH recording accurately and separately HOURS. MINUTES & SECONDS . To do this I must past on the CHRONOGRAPH to my watch repairer and the charge is normally costs £20= as a posed to £6= for a basic quartz watch whose back is easy to remove and replace

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