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FAIR TRADE GOLD is just a marketing ploy !

January 29, 2015

FAIR TRADE COFFEE and CHOCOLATE  are  genuine schemes  but I consider FAIR TRADE GOLD a marketing ploy I do believe that they do help poor miners get a fairer price for the gold that they find or mine , But newly mined gold is just a fraction of the gold used to manufacture new jewellery . A huge amount of gold used to make new Bullion Coins or Jewellery comes from the general public  sold back to Retail Jewellers or Scrap Buying Establishments and then passed on to the Bullion Dealers for refining . The same particles  of Gold have been endless recycled going back to the earliest  making of gold jewellery in prehistory  Goldsmiths were the worlds first recyclers two and half thousand years before the word was invented. Fair Trade is just a marketing ploy to get people who hold strong Green views to pay more money for a piece of Jewellery then they would otherwise for jewellery made of recycled gold which if anything is much more ethical and uses far less natural resources to produce.

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