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THE ORGIN OF DIAMONDS They came from SUPER VOLCANO’S of Earths distant past

January 22, 2015

Early in planet earths geology history the molten Iron earths core underwent huge fluctuations in its magnetic field giving rise to huge earthquakes and super volcano’s and the movement of Tectonic Plates .These volcano,s were far more powerful than anything that has ever been experienced in human history far more powerful than all the worlds nuclear weapons exploded simultaneously and it is in the vent of the volcano that there was sufficient heat and pressure to transform carbon into a natural crystal that is the hardest natural substance in the know universe the Diamond . Some of the diamond crystal were expelled encased in lava as the volcano erupted other remained trapped inside  the volcano’s vent when the volcano final became extinct . Those diamonds encased in lava ejection were released over long periods of time by the action of erosion caused by wind and rain many of them being washed into  fast moving streams and being carried until deposited at points where rivers were no longer traveling fast enough to carry them further.
Yellowstone Park U.S.A  has the potentially to erupt with such immense power that it might as a result form Diamonds unfortunately the devastation it would cause would be so great that there would be no one left on earth to mine them ! The biggest super volcano in the solar system is the extinct volcano Mons Olympus on the planet Mars perhaps in the future there will be space expeditions to see if it  was powerful enough to produce Diamonds .

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