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December 24, 2019

There are three types of opals  WHITE  OPALS  , FIRE OPALS  & BLACK OPALS they were all formed in similar ways  but vary in the location in which they are found   .They are all as a result of Cyanobacteria  that lived in shallow seas as far back as 371 million years ago. Over a matter times these bacteria formed colonies called Stromatolites  they adsorbed carbon dioxide from the water and expelled oxygen  . When they died as they rotted away they turned into sulfuric acid . As inland sea’s dried the bacteria would be killed off making the content of sulfuric acid more concentrated and in places it seeped through cracks in rocks  and mixed with grains of sand driven by gravity as the liquid worked its way downwards  it dried  out and solidified as opal crystals . The best quality of white opals was mined in Hungary but there was only small quantities. Fire Opal which are an orange red colour can be found in North America . The most common opal is white opal is found in the desserts of Australia centered a round a town called Coper Predy  The area is so hot that the miners  use their old digging sites as homes as it is much cooler several feet below ground .This town and its surrounding  have been used in two Mad Max films as a location  also for the Pitch Black movie . The most beautiful Opals are called Black Opals that show a great play of colour  .These stones are mined in another part of Australia  called Lightning Ridge  and the opals are formed in the narrowest of seems  . The Bizarre fact about opal know for its magnificent variations in colour .is that when viewed under a microscope the opals are in fact colourless  it is actual formed of  silicon beads stacked in layered lattice  . As light rays penetrate the stone to

different layers as the stone matrix varies and the light  gets broken into colours of the spectrum

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